2016 Pendleton Round-Up & Happy Canyon Hall of Fame Board

2016 Hall of Fame Board

2016 Hall of Fame Board

Front row:  Gary Ward, Jack Remillard, Round Up President Bill Levy, Hall of Fame President Robert Pahl, Happy Canyon President Jarrod Spriet, Greg Duchek, Steve Campbell
Back Row:  Norm Kessler, Susan Talbot, Cydney Corey Curtis, Marlene Currin, June Mohrland, Patricia Dawson, Cedric Wildbill

2017 Hall of Fame Board of Directors

Greg Duchek – President 

  • Greg was born and raised in Pendleton.  He and his wife Roxanne have four grown children and seven grandchildren.  Greg works for Duchek Construction.  Being involved with Happy Canyon, Round-Up and the Hall of Fame is a family affair.  Greg has been involved for over 25 years and is a 2010 Happy Canyon Appreciation Honoree.  Brother Matt is a past director and president of the Hall of Fame.  Son Jason and three grandchildren are cast members in Happy Canyon and wife, Roxanne, works behind the scenes.  Their late daughter Kendra worked on the grounds for 10 years.  Dad Carl and mother, the late Rose-Mary Duchek taught the whole Duchek clan the importance of volunteering. Greg is serving his seventh year on the Hall of Fame Board.


Jack Remillard – Vice-President and Security

  • Jack oversees the overall security of the Hall of Fame
  •  Jack was born in Walla Walla, WA, and at the age of 6, moved to Pendleton, graduating from Pendleton High School in 1971.  He married Sharon Smootz of Pendleton in 1976. Remillard has worked for ODOT in Pendleton and Pendleton Fire and Ambulance Service, retiring as Asst. Chief/Fire Marshal in 2004.  He is currently employed as the Umatilla County Emergency Manager.  Remillard’s uncle, Dean Forth, was instrumental in his volunteering for the Pendleton Round-Up.  At the age of 9, he began helping Forth with the Westward Ho! Parade, riding as a Calvary Soldier, until 1971 when he left for the Navy.  In 1976 he resumed his position volunteering for the Westward Ho! Parade, and finally as Lead Security for Round Up Director John Trumbo. He also assists Wagon Master Bill Dawson when the need arises.  Jack received the Round-Up Association Volunteer Appreciation Award in 2011, and is still an active volunteer for the Association. Jack is serving his fifth year on the Hall of Fame Board.


Steve Campbell – Treasurer

  • Steve is tasked with keeping all financial records for the Hall of Fame.  He presents a current financial statement at each monthly meeting and the Annual Membership Meeting.  He insures all bills are approved and paid.  He also files annual tax returns for the Hall of Fame and manages the annual budget.
  • Steve was raised in Condon, OR and grew up working on the family cattle ranch.  He graduated from Oregon State University in 1982 and has been a business-banking officer since that time.  After living 20 years “west of the mountains” Steve, his wife Martha and their three children moved to Pendleton in 2002 where he is Vice-President of Business Banking for Banner Bank.  Steve is proud of his Round-Up heritage including his great-great-uncle Will Ingram, who served as the first business manager in 1910, as well as his own involvement with the Centennial Grandstand project.   He is a Round-Up volunteer and a member of the Pendleton Development Commission Advisory Board, Pendleton Elks, and St Andrew’s Mission.  Steve is serving his third year on the board.

June Mohrland – Secretary and Inductee Banquet

  • June is charged with chairing the Annual Induction Banquet held Sunday of Round-Up week.  She also handles all of the secretarial duties for the Hall of Fame. She works closely with the President to create meeting agendas and insures all pertinent information is discussed at each monthly Board meeting.
  • June was born in Pendleton and went to school in Helix, graduating high school in 1969. She received her BS in Food Service Management at Oregon State University and training in Dietetics at Cornell Medical Center to become a Registered Dietitian. Mohrland works part time for St. Anthony Hospital as Director of Volunteers. She and her husband Steve of Pendleton have two children and 5 grand children. They are both dedicated volunteers. Mohrland has a history of volunteer work including being the 2009 Pendleton Chamber President. She has been involved as a volunteer for Round Up since the Mounted Band was resurrected in for the 75th Anniversary in 1985 working with directors doing a variety of jobs and as a Happy Canyon volunteer for nearly as long always working behind the scenes with animals. She has provided a back up horse to several court members and directors, a mounted band horse and particularly likes working with her good friend Vickie Leonard and her draft animals during both Round Up and Happy Canyon shows.  June is serving her fifth year on the Hall of Fame Board.

Patricia Dawson – Exhibits

  • Patricia is in charge of all the displays and exhibits in the Hall of Fame.  She makes changes and upgrades as well as assisting the Inductees and Grand Marshalls with their exhibits.
  • Patricia was raised in Gooding, ID where she grew up on her families Southern Idaho farm.  She graduated from University of Idaho with a degree in Family Consumer Science/Textiles and Extension Ed. She later received her Master’s Degree in Adult Education and Community Development from Norwich University in Vermont. Patricia and her husband Bill, a long time Round-Up volunteer, live in Pendleton. They have two children, Monica and Ty, son-in-law Wes, and grandchildren Seth and Claire. Patricia is employed as a full Professor with Oregon State University. She is responsible for 4-H Youth Development & Community Engagement. She also serves as the National President of Epsilon Sigma-Phi and as National Editor for the Journal of Youth Development.  Patricia has volunteered for the Pendleton Round-Up for 32 years and Round-Up and Happy Canyon Hall of Fame for 30. She has served the Hall of Fame by helping with exhibits and working as a greeter. Patricia and her husband Bill play an important role in the Westward Ho! Parade assisting with organizational details and the rolling stock collection. Patricia has also worked in the office and with ushers. This will be Patricia’s second year on the board.

Cedric Wildbill – Historian

  • Cedric keeps the history of the Hall of Fame accurate.  He updates contestant books, director books and all the evolving history books of the museum.
  • Cedric was born and raised in Pendleton, Oregon. He and his wife Tania have two children, Claire and Summer.  He graduated from Mt Hood Community College with an associate degree In Television Production. Cedric works for the Business Development Services at Wildhorse Resort & Casino. Cedric’s family has a long history with the Pendleton Round-Up and Happy Canyon. Grandfather Phillip (Wildbill) Bill, Grandmother Eliza Bill, and great grandfather Willie Wocostie, are all past Hall of Fame Inductees.  His mother Sheila Pond was a Happy Canyon Chaperone. Cedric volunteers his time in the Native American Vending and event coordinator for Classic Saddle Bronc for the Round-Up. He is serving his fourth year on the board.

Cydney Corey Curtis – Publicity and Fundraisers

  • Cydney coordinates all publicity for the Hall of Fame, both writing releases and assisting the press with any needs they have.  She writes scripts for the announcers during the rodeo and parades, as well as publicizing all events including the annual meeting and banquet. Additionally, Cydney chairs the annual fundraiser, the Battle of the Bars held every spring in the Let’er Buck Room.
  • Cydney was born and raised in Adams, Oregon. She and her husband, Kipp have two children, daughter, Collins and son, Nolin. After graduating in 2006 from the University of Oregon with a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism, Cydney went on to get her Master’s Degree in Education from Eastern Oregon University. Cydney works for the Pendleton School District and teaches 5th grade at Sherwood Elementary. Cydney has been very involved in Pendleton Round-Up and Happy Canyon. She is a former Round-Up Queen (2004) and Princess (2003). She is also a 30-year volunteer for both events helping with the PBR, publicity, queen and court, bars, parades, office, and the Happy Canyon show. Her family history with both organizations also runs deep. Her mother, Heather Corey, was the first female Round-Up board Director. Her father (Doug Corey), Grandfather (Bob Hales), and Great-Grandfather (John Hales) were all Round-Up Presidents and Directors. Her father is also a former Happy Canyon President. Her grandfather (George Corey) served on both boards. Her husband Kipp is currently a Happy Canyon Director and also volunteers for Round-Up. Collins and Nolin are also participants in Happy Canyon. Cydney is serving her third year on the board.


Susan Talbot – Inductees

  • Susan supervises the election of new inductees and assists with all matters involving the inductees from the annual meeting to the banquet. She also coordinate the parade and in arena introductions.
  • Susan was born and raised in Pilot Rock. She and her husband, Joe, and children Jake and Jackie live on their wheat and cattle ranch near Pendleton.  She graduated from Eastern Oregon University with a degree in Elementary Education.  Susan is retired from the Pendleton School District and currently is a substitute teacher and a Special Projects Assistant for Eastern Oregon Business Source.  She has been a Happy Canyon and Round Up volunteer for over 45 years.  Susan was Round-Up Queen in 1981 and presently serves as Queen and Court chaperone and co-chair of the Visiting Royalty Luncheon. Her husband is a past Round-Up Director and has been a contestant for many years.  Both of her children are also Round Up and Happy Canyon volunteers. In addition to her Round-Up involvement, she is a member of the Pendleton Development Commission Advisory Board, PEO Chapter CM,  Round-Up Republican Women, and Area Representative for the Oregon Council of Teachers of Mathematics. This will be Susan’s second year on the Hall of Fame Board.

Carl Culham – Membership and Circle of Champions.

  • Carl oversees the Circle of Champions program and is tasked with keeping the membership data base up to date, recruiting new members, and sending out the membership newsletter. Carl was born and raised Pendleton, Oregon.  In the late 1960’s, he left for “the west side” to finish high school.  After almost 40 years, he returned to the area and now lives in Athena, Oregon with his wife Jackie.  Finishing up a 38 year career with the Federal government at the Forest Service in Pendleton, Carl extended his 12 years of volunteerism with the Pendleton Round-Up to serve on The Round-Up Association’s Board of Directors from 2008 to 2016.  While Carl has no immediate family connections to the Round-Up, his extended family has been involved for many years with Jackie as past member of the Happy Canyon Quadrille team and Round-Up as a contestant. Jackie’s sister, Andrea Beck also served as Queen of the 75th Anniversary Round-Up.  Jackie’s sons Michael and Jacob Hales continue the long tradition of the Hales Family participation as Round-Up and Happy Canyon volunteers.  Carl’s son Casey Culham also volunteered his time to the Pendleton Round-Up before moving to Southern California. This will be Carl’s first year on the Hall of Fame Board.


Marlene Currin – Volunteers

  • Marlene has the large task of finding volunteers and setting up the schedule for volunteers to host guests during Hall of Fame hours.
  • Marlene was born and raised in Heppner.  She moved to Portland in 1964 and attend the Northwestern School of Business and Portland State College.  Her first job as a secretary was in the PE & Health Department at PSU.  In 1981 she married Tom Currin and moved to the ranch on Little Buttercreek where she raised two sons, Ryan and Jeff.  In 2006, Marlene moved to Pendleton and began volunteering for the Hall of Fame where she especially enjoys narrating to tour groups.  The Round-up has been a very important part of the Currin history.  All the Marlene’s nephews and niece have been a part of Round Up. The family just simply closes down during the Round Up week as they all attended and enjoyed every bit of it.  Marlene is pleased to be part of her family’s tradition by serving on the Hall of Fame Board. Marlene is serving her fourth year on the Board of Directors.

Norm Kessler Website and Grants

  • Norm oversees the website for the Hall of Fame and is in charge of all agreements involving the Hall of Fame building, including coordinating all grants applied for and received.
  • Norm was born and raised on their family farm in Milton-Freewater. Norm graduated from Eastern Oregon University in 1971 with a degree in business and economics. In 1980, Norm moved to Pendleton where he began a career in community banking. He is retired as Vice-President Relationship Manager at Banner Bank where he was worked for the past 30 years. For the past 27 years, Norm has volunteered for the Round-Up in both the office and with programs. In 2013, he was recognized by the Round-Up Board of Directors for “Much Appreciated Service”. In addition to the Pendleton Round-Up, Norm has served 8 years as a Umatilla County Fair Board member and is the past treasurer of the Umatilla County Historical Society. More recently, he was involved in the creation of the Banner Bank/Pendleton Round-Up branded credit card program. This is Norm’s second year on the Hall of Fame board.

Gary Ward – Building

  • Gary handles all building and maintenance both internal and externally.  He handles all repairs needed and keeps the building in top running order
  • Gary was raised in Burns Oregon. He and his wife Kathy have grown twin sons Jerod and Jeff and one grandson Finn. A graduate of Eastern Oregon University, Gary worked for the Pendleton Police Department and is a former Chief of Police. He enjoys volunteering in the community for organizations such as VFW, Happy Canyon, Round-Up, Elks, and has held positions on several boards. Gary was recognized for his volunteer work receiving the Main Street Cowboy Tenderfoot Award in 2009.  He is serving his fourth year on the Hall of Fame Board.

Bill Levy – Pendleton Round-Up President

  • Bill represents the Pendleton Round-Up Board at all of the Hall of Fame Board Meetings.  He updates the Hall of Fame Board on what is going on with the Round-Up and ensures that the best interests of the Round-Up are being followed at the Hall of Fame.

Corey Neistadt – Happy Canyon President

  • Corey represents the Happy Canyon Board at all of the Hall of Fame Board Meetings.  He updates the Hall of Fame Board on what is going on with the Happy Canyon and ensures that the best interests of Happy Canyon are being followed at the Hall of Fame.