Pendleton Round-Up and Happy Canyon Hall of Fame Announces 2016 Inductees

J. D. Yates is the 2016 Inductee in the Round-Up contestant category

J D Yates - Copy

J D Yates

J.D., who is from Pueblo, Co, began his professional rodeo career at a young age, qualifying for his first National Finals Rodeo at age 15. Since the 1970’s, J.D. has competed at the Round-Up in the steer roping, team roping, tie down roping, and wild cow milking. His first Pendleton championship came in the steer roping in 1991.  J.D. won both the All-Around and steer roping in 1994, and the steer roping again in 2001. In 2013, he won the Reserve All-Around and the senior steer roping in 2014.

Since winning his first Round-Up buckle, J.D. says it’s the only one he wears. In his numerous interviews over the years, he has voiced his support for the Pendleton Round-Up and its famous grass arena saying, “If I had to pick one rodeo a year to go to, the Pendleton Round-Up would be that rodeo”.

J.D. has 21 NFR appearances in the team roping and 10 in the NFSR. He has won the Bob Feist Invitational Team Roping and numerous other championships at large rodeos including Cheyenne Frontier Days, Dodge City Round-Up, Deadwood Days of 76, and Guymon Pioneer Days.

In addition to his success in the PRCA, J.D. is a Professional Horsemen with the American Quarter Horse Association where he has claimed over 37 world championships and several Super Horse Titles. J.D. continues to rodeo, as well as show and train horses at his home in Pueblo with his son, Trey, parents, Dick and Jan, and sister, Kelly.

Doug and the late Heather Corey are the Round-Up volunteer inductees

Heather Corey

Heather Corey

Heather came to Round-Up volunteerism naturally. Her father, Bob Hales, and grandfather, John Hales, were both directors and presidents of the Round-Up board and her mother, Joyce, was one of the first Round-Up and Happy Canyon Hall of Fame board members and was later president.

Heather was a princess on the 1973 Round-Up court and queen in 1974. When husband, Doug, was Round-Up court director, Heather served as court chaperone for several years.  She volunteered in the office, Hall of Fame, chaired the Buckle Club dinner for many years, and also was a valuable member of the Round-Up Royalty Reunion Committee. However, what might be considered as Heather’s greatest feat was her selection as the first female on the Round-Up Board of Directors ending a 100 year tradition of all male directors. In addition to her Round-Up accomplishments, Heather served on numerous community and civic committees throughout the region.

Doug Corey

Doug Corey

Doug is one of only five men that has served as president on both the -Up and Happy Canyon boards. Prior to becoming a Round-Up director in 1981, he volunteered for the organization in several different capacities.  While serving as court director, Doug, along with Heather, brought back the leather fringed outfits of the early Round-Up courts to establish the traditional look for the 75th Anniversary in 1985. These leather outfits have been a tradition that continues to live on. While serving as Round-Up publicity director, Doug’s innovative ideas focused on developing a sponsorship program tailor made for the Round-Up which does not allow arena advertising. He worked to acquire sponsors, set up a sponsor tent, and create a means to provide signage outside the arena that would promote the sponsors. Since that time, the sponsorship program has brought in millions of dollars to both Round-Up and Happy Canyon. Doug was Round-Up President in 1991.

Doug was elected to the Happy Canyon Board in 1999. He spent numerous hours developing and expanding the concerts held annually during Round-Up and Happy Canyon week, including booking acts, building stages, and coordinating set up with the bands within a limited time frame. Doug was also instrumental in bringing the U.S. Bank PBR Classic to Pendleton.  Since serving as Happy Canyon President in 2007, Doug has remained active continuing to serve on the PBR committee, as well as, being an on-site veterinarian during the rodeo.

Doug is recognized as one of the foremost authorities on animal welfare throughout the United States. He is chairman of the PRCA Livestock Welfare Committee, chairman of the WPRA Equine Drugs and Medications committee, and chairman of the Unwanted Horse Coalition for the American Horse Council. For his efforts, Doug was elected to the Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame in 2007.

Heather passed away in 2012 and Doug continues to serve both Round-Up and Happy Canyon.

The Native American inductee is Chief Bill Burke

Chief Bill Burke

Chief Bill Burke

Chief Burke is a member of the Walla Walla and Cayuse tribes. He was born and raised in Pendleton and graduated from Pendleton High School. After serving in the United States Army, he returned to attend Eastern State College in La Grande where he received a degree in education. He taught school for several years in various locations in Oregon. Chief Burke has been a Happy Canyon participant since birth, with his mother carrying him through the show as an infant. Later, he performed numerous other roles. He has a collection of Happy Canyon programs from years past, including one that lists him as a cast member at age 7. Chief Burke continues an active role in the Round-Up as Chief of the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation, a title given to him in 1988.

The Animal Participant Category inductee is Smokey



Smokey is a 32 year old gelding that was raised by the Evans family. He began his connection with the Pendleton Round-Up at the age of two stock. As he matured, he moved on to serve many roles, including carrying a flag in the famous Round-Up grand entry, a princess jumping the fence, trophy saddles for champions, and numerous grand marshals and Hall of Fame inductees.  Smokey’s multiple talents led him to the Happy Canyon arena where he performed in the stage coach robbery, rescue, pony express, and quadrille. Smokey is now retired and lives a life of leisure near Pendleton with Steve and JoAnne McGee.




About the Hall of Fame:

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The Pendleton Round-Up and Happy Canyon Hall of Fame was founded in 1969. Exhibits range from a full-sized Teepee to delicate beadwork, the exhibits in the Hall of Fame cover a wide range of subjects and span the over 100 years of Round-Up history. Saddles, clothing, Indian costumes, photographs, firearms, trophies, wagons…hundreds of items are displayed for your enjoyment. You can become a member of the Hall of Fame and help to ensure the history and artifacts of the Round-Up and Happy Canyon we enjoy today will still be here tomorrow. For more information call 541-278-0815. The Hall of Fame building is located at 1114 SW Court across from the Round-up grounds.