Pendleton Round-Up and Happy Canyon Hall of Fame 2014 Inductees

Robin’s volunteering for Happy Canyon began at the age of 2.  For the next 74 years he took part in Happy Canyon playing many different roles which included street scene characters, stagecoach and bank robber, Lewis & Clark, Sheriff, Wagon Master, “Goldie”, and in the Mounted Quadrille.

Robin was elected to the Happy Canyon Board in 1963 and served as Show Director.  He originated the present souvenir program in 1967 and produced the first 4 editions. He also served a term as President of the Happy Canyon Foundation Board. 

Robin volunteered at Round-Up for 60 years from 1953-2013.  He served on the Round-Up Board of Directors from 1979-1986.  He also served on the Hall of Fame board during three different terms and helped with the design, fundraising and construction to complete the new Hall of Fame building.


Clint has produced one of the most consistently high level careers in the history of ProRodeo. He joined the PRCA in 1984, ending the year 2nd in the rookie standings. Since that time he qualified for the Wrangler NFR 18 times. In 1991 he won the World Bareback riding title; and at the age of 40, captured the average title at the 2001 Wrangler NFR. Clint has also proven himself in the Columbia River Circuit, winning the average 8 times, and was the year-end Champion 12 consecutive times. He won the bareback title at the Dodge National Circuit Finals Rodeo three times (1989, 1991 and 1997), making him the only rough stock cowboy in event history to have claimed three titles. He was inducted into Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame in 2004. 

Clint has won many go rounds at the Pendleton Round-Up over the years, and many short rounds.  In 1990, he won the Mike Currin Memorial award. In addition, he has been the Big 4 Champion twice, once in 1990 and again in 1992.


Fritz began his involvement with Happy Canyon at the age of 8.  In 1960 Fritz became the doctor in the Doc Killum act, a roll he played for 24 years.  In 1963 he also took over the Dancing Petunia act, a part he held for 21 years.  

In 1980, Fritz was elected to the Happy Canyon Board of Directors. From 1984-1989 Fritz served as Show Director. During his tenure he created many new acts including Dr Hall, Pendleton Woolen Mills, Annie Oakley and the Wooden Indian. In 2009, Fritz began serving on the Happy Canyon Foundation Board of Directors, a position he continues to this day. 



As a competitor, Gary was a calf roper and team roper, but he always wanted to be a Pickup Man. Mostly self-taught, Gary learned the finer points of picking up when he went to Calgary and worked with Wayne Vold. 

Gary has been selected by a vote of the cowboys to work the Canadian Finals a record-setting 16 times.  He achieved his ultimate goal of being voted by the cowboys to pick up at the National Finals Rodeo for the first time in 1998 and has gone back a record 7 times since. 

Gary’s first appearance at the Pendleton Round-Up was in 1991, an opportunity that came about through the invitation from Pendleton to the Calgary Stampede to bring their bucking horses to the Round-Up.   Gary accompanied Calgary’s stock at their request and has been a Pickup Man in Pendleton every year since.  He has also served as the bull roper for the Pendleton PBR Classic since its inception. Pendleton remains one of his all-time favorite rodeos.

The Four inductees will be inducted into the Hall of Fame at the annual banquet Sunday, September 7th, 2014.  Don’t miss this great event,  Get your tickets today before they are sold out.   

About the Hall of Fame:

Open Monday – Saturday 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Admission: Adults $5, Seniors $4, Children 12 & under free

The Pendleton Round-Up and Happy Canyon Hall of Fame was founded in 1969. Exhibits range from a full-sized Teepee to delicate beadwork, the exhibits in the Hall of Fame cover a wide range of subjects and span the over 100 years of Round-Up history. Saddles, clothing, Indian costumes, photographs, firearms, trophies, wagons…hundreds of items are displayed for your enjoyment. You can become a member of the Hall of Fame and help to ensure the history and artifacts of the Round-Up and Happy Canyon we enjoy today will still be here tomorrow. For more information call 541-278-0815. The Hall of Fame building is located at 1114 SW Court across from the Round-up grounds.