Pendleton Round-Up and Happy Canyon Hall of Fame 2013 Inductees

The 2013 Inductee to the Pendleton Round-Up and Happy Canyon Hall of Fame in the Rodeo Contestant category is Mike Beers. 

MIKE BEERS was born in The Dalles, Oregon on May 4, 1958 to Jack and Melba Beers.  He grew up in Rufus, Oregon and began roping as a small boy.   Mike competed in junior rodeos, in high school and on the Blue Mountain Community College rodeo team. The roper won the National Intercollegiate Championship in team roping in 1977.  In 1980, he joined the PRCA and short after qualified for the NFR.

Mike attends many rodeos every year but always lists Pendleton at the top of his list of favorites.  He won the All-Around Title in Pendleton in 1985, 1995 and 1997.  With his third title in 1997, he became the first and only Oregonian to retire the coveted Pendleton Round-Up Let’er Buck Bronze Trophy.  In 1995 he was also the co-champion calf roper with Fred Whitfield.  In 2004 he won the Steer Roping.

 Mike has competed in every Pendleton Round-Up since 1979 except 2007 when he attended in a wheelchair after breaking his pelvis during a fall at a friend’s arena. Until the accident, Beers had topped the world standings in team roping. Even taking time off to heal, he qualified for the National Finals Rodeo that year.   His favorite memory is taking the Victory Lap in 1995 with his two sons following close behind him on the track after winning the All Around and Calf Roping Titles.

Mike enjoys sharing his talent and knowledge with others.  He runs the Mike Beers Roping School and offers 60 to 70 schools per year.  Starting from the ground up, he teaches basics of roping and using a heeling machine then advances to livestock.

His two sons, Brandon and Joe are following in his footsteps.  Both his boys have won many awards themselves.  Mike is often founds competing with his son Brandon in the Team Roping.


The 2013 Inductee in the Round-Up Volunteer category is Betty Branstetter.

BETTY BRANSTETTER was born to Joe and Florence Pedro in Pendleton, Oregon and was raised on Paddy Creek.  She started school near by in a small old country schoolhouse.  Later Betty attended school in Albee, Ukiah and Pendleton.

 Betty began volunteering in 1950 in Happy Canyon in the old building on third street.  She continues to play a part in the show and has never missed a performance in those 60 plus years.

This year we honor Betty for her years of service to the Pendleton Round-Up, especially the history part of it.  Her vast wealth of knowledge about he Round-Up is unbelievable. She has been involved in the Hall of Fame since its beginning, working in various areas.  She played an important role when the book “Pendleton Round-Up at 100” was being written by providing historical history on the Fletcher family involvement.  If any one needed photos or information, they always asked her and she found what they needed if she didn’t know it immediately.

Betty served on the Board of Directors for the Hall of Fame from 2000-2006.  She was asked to fill a position and has currently been serving on the board since 2010.  She is in charge of exhibits, research, keeping the Hall of Fame records up to date and filling the office of Vice President.  No matter if she is on the board or not, you can find her helping out at the Hall of working at the Round-Up and Happy Canyon retail store and office. 


The 2013 Inductee in the Animal Participant category is Echo “Magic”.

Echo “Magic,” a 27 year old mare who has seen many years of service to both the Round-Up and Happy Canyon was selected as this years Animal Participant inductee.  Animals are an important part of the Pendleton Round-Up and Happy Canyon.  Every fourth year the Hall of Fame honors an animal that has made their mark by outstanding performance and/or contributions. 

Magic started her career with Happy Canyon and Round-Up in 1991.  She was used first in the Cavalry scenes, Stage Coach Robbery and Bank Robbery as well as a cast rider’s horse for the Westward Ho! Parade.  Magic eventually became a wet horse for the Rescue, Wagon Master’s mount, Side Saddle mount as well as the previous parts.  In 2010, her roles were reduced due to her age, to rescue and side saddle.

Her Round-Up involvement began in 1991 also.  She was used as a pennant Bearer horse, visiting court mount, Mounted Band horse for Judge Richard Courson as well as band member, trophy saddle horse at the rodeo, Grand Marshall mount for the Westward Ho! Parade, Indian Beauty Pageant Mount and Indian Warrior Mount.  She has also been used for eight years at the Children’s Exceptional Rodeo.

Magic is owned by Mike and Janet Herbes of Pendleton.

 The three inductees were inducted into the Hall of Fame at annual banquet Sunday, September 8th, 2013.   

About the Hall of Fame:

Currently on Winter hours Open Saturday 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Admission: Adults $5, Seniors $4, Children 12 & under free

The Pendleton Round-Up and Happy Canyon Hall of Fame was founded in 1969. Exhibits range from a full-sized Teepee to delicate beadwork, the exhibits in the Hall of Fame cover a wide range of subjects and span the over 100 years of Round-Up history. Saddles, clothing, Indian costumes, photographs, firearms, trophies, wagons…hundreds of items are displayed for your enjoyment. You can become a member of the Hall of Fame and help to ensure the history and artifacts of the Round-Up and Happy Canyon we enjoy today will still be here tomorrow. For more information call 541-278-0815. The Hall of Fame building is located at 1114 SW Court across from the Round-up grounds.