Past Inductees

2019 Inductees

Round-Up contestant category: Trevor Brazile

Trevor Brazile, of Decatur, Texas, has won 24 World Championships and nearly $7 million while competing in the PRCA. He won the All-Around title at the Pendleton Round-Up in 1999, 2012-15 and 2018. He won the tie-down roping in 1999 and the team roping in 2015. He has won numerous titles at other rodeos throughout the country on his way to 31 NFR qualifications.

Round-Up Contract Personnel category: Marlo & Billy Ward

Marlo and Billy Ward’s association with the Pendleton Round-Up began in 1990 when they first provided horses for the Round-Up court at the Cheyenne Frontier Days. Billy’s service in Pendleton started in 2001 as a pick-up man, a position he held until he retired in 2014. Currently, he serves as chute boss. Marlo became a timer in 2004 and continues today. They have provided horses for Hall of Fame inductees for the arena presentations and for the Westward Ho! Parade.

Happy Canyon category: Steve Corey

Steve Corey began his volunteer association with Happy Canyon over 65 years ago as a cast member. He was elected to the Happy Canyon Board of Directors in the late 1970s as Show Director before serving two years as President of the board. He currently does narration during the pageant. In addition, he has donated numerous hours of legal service to both Round-Up and Happy Canyon and has lobbied in the state legislature for issues related to Happy Canyon. Steve is also a past Round-Up director and president. He has been involved with the PBR since its inception, and serves as emcee during the sponsor dinner. Steve also continues to volunteer with the Round-Up’s awards presentations on championship Saturday.

Early Years category: Dean Forth

The late Dean Forth was a Round-Up volunteer for over 70 years. He was an integral part of the Westward Ho! Parade, securing teams of horses, buggies, and wagons for the annual event. Prior to the parade, he worked maintaining and repairing the rolling stock. Dean also pastured and cared for livestock owned by the Round-Up Association for 15-20 years. He served as one of the original Cavalry Riders with the parade. He won the Round-Up Appreciation Award in 1981 and was selected as Grand Marshal of the Westward Ho! Parade in 1991.

2016 Inductees

J. D. Yates is the 2016 Inductee in the Round-Up contestant category

J D Yates - Copy

J D Yates

J.D., who is from Pueblo, Co, began his professional rodeo career at a young age, qualifying for his first National Finals Rodeo at age 15. Since the 1970’s, J.D. has competed at the Round-Up in the steer roping, team roping, tie down roping, and wild cow milking. His first Pendleton championship came in the steer roping in 1991.  J.D. won both the All-Around and steer roping in 1994, and the steer roping again in 2001. In 2013, he won the Reserve All-Around and the senior steer roping in 2014.

Since winning his first Round-Up buckle, J.D. says it’s the only one he wears. In his numerous interviews over the years, he has voiced his support for the Pendleton Round-Up and its famous grass arena saying, “If I had to pick one rodeo a year to go to, the Pendleton Round-Up would be that rodeo”.

J.D. has 21 NFR appearances in the team roping and 10 in the NFSR. He has won the Bob Feist Invitational Team Roping and numerous other championships at large rodeos including Cheyenne Frontier Days, Dodge City Round-Up, Deadwood Days of 76, and Guymon Pioneer Days.

In addition to his success in the PRCA, J.D. is a Professional Horsemen with the American Quarter Horse Association where he has claimed over 37 world championships and several Super Horse Titles. J.D. continues to rodeo, as well as show and train horses at his home in Pueblo with his son, Trey, parents, Dick and Jan, and sister, Kelly.

Doug and the late Heather Corey are the Round-Up volunteer inductees

Heather Corey

Heather Corey

Heather came to Round-Up volunteerism naturally. Her father, Bob Hales, and grandfather, John Hales, were both directors and presidents of the Round-Up board and her mother, Joyce, was one of the first Round-Up and Happy Canyon Hall of Fame board members and was later president.

Heather was a princess on the 1973 Round-Up court and queen in 1974. When husband, Doug, was Round-Up court director, Heather served as court chaperone for several years.  She volunteered in the office, Hall of Fame, chaired the Buckle Club dinner for many years, and also was a valuable member of the Round-Up Royalty Reunion Committee. However, what might be considered as Heather’s greatest feat was her selection as the first female on the Round-Up Board of Directors ending a 100 year tradition of all male directors. In addition to her Round-Up accomplishments, Heather served on numerous community and civic committees throughout the region.

Doug Corey

Doug Corey

Doug is one of only five men that has served as president on both the -Up and Happy Canyon boards. Prior to becoming a Round-Up director in 1981, he volunteered for the organization in several different capacities.  While serving as court director, Doug, along with Heather, brought back the leather fringed outfits of the early Round-Up courts to establish the traditional look for the 75th Anniversary in 1985. These leather outfits have been a tradition that continues to live on. While serving as Round-Up publicity director, Doug’s innovative ideas focused on developing a sponsorship program tailor made for the Round-Up which does not allow arena advertising. He worked to acquire sponsors, set up a sponsor tent, and create a means to provide signage outside the arena that would promote the sponsors. Since that time, the sponsorship program has brought in millions of dollars to both Round-Up and Happy Canyon. Doug was Round-Up President in 1991.

Doug was elected to the Happy Canyon Board in 1999. He spent numerous hours developing and expanding the concerts held annually during Round-Up and Happy Canyon week, including booking acts, building stages, and coordinating set up with the bands within a limited time frame. Doug was also instrumental in bringing the U.S. Bank PBR Classic to Pendleton.  Since serving as Happy Canyon President in 2007, Doug has remained active continuing to serve on the PBR committee, as well as, being an on-site veterinarian during the rodeo.

Doug is recognized as one of the foremost authorities on animal welfare throughout the United States. He is chairman of the PRCA Livestock Welfare Committee, chairman of the WPRA Equine Drugs and Medications committee, and chairman of the Unwanted Horse Coalition for the American Horse Council. For his efforts, Doug was elected to the Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame in 2007.

Heather passed away in 2012 and Doug continues to serve both Round-Up and Happy Canyon.

The Native American inductee is Chief Bill Burke

Chief Bill Burke

Chief Bill Burke

Chief Burke is a member of the Walla Walla and Cayuse tribes. He was born and raised in Pendleton and graduated from Pendleton High School. After serving in the United States Army, he returned to attend Eastern State College in La Grande where he received a degree in education. He taught school for several years in various locations in Oregon. Chief Burke has been a Happy Canyon participant since birth, with his mother carrying him through the show as an infant. Later, he performed numerous other roles. He has a collection of Happy Canyon programs from years past, including one that lists him as a cast member at age 7. Chief Burke continues an active role in the Round-Up as Chief of the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation, a title given to him in 1988.

The Animal Participant Category inductee is Smokey



Smokey is a 32 year old gelding that was raised by the Evans family. He began his connection with the Pendleton Round-Up at the age of two stock. As he matured, he moved on to serve many roles, including carrying a flag in the famous Round-Up grand entry, a princess jumping the fence, trophy saddles for champions, and numerous grand marshals and Hall of Fame inductees.  Smokey’s multiple talents led him to the Happy Canyon arena where he performed in the stage coach robbery, rescue, pony express, and quadrille. Smokey is now retired and lives a life of leisure near Pendleton with Steve and JoAnne McGee.

2015 Inductees
The Pendleton Round-Up and Happy Canyon Hall of Fame introduced the four new inductees for 2015 at the Annual membership meeting on Tuesday, May 12th.

The 2015 Inductee in the Rodeo Contestant category is Lewis Feild.

Lewis Feild

Lewis Feild

Lewis Feild was born 1956 in Salt Lake City, UT. He started his rodeo career in high school, qualifying for the Utah State Finals four times. He attended Weber State in Ogden, UT and Utah Valley State College in Orem, UT, on a full rodeo scholarship, qualifying for the National Intercollegiate Finals in saddle bronc, bareback, and team roping.
Lewis was selected as PRCA rookie of the year in 1980. In 1990, he became the first rough stock cowboy to earn $1 million in career earnings.
Lewis achieved five PRCA world titles; All Round in 1985, ’86, and ’87; and Bareback in 1985 and ’86. He was the first rough stock cowboy to earn the All-Around title since Larry Mahan in 1973.
In 1985, Lewis was inducted into the Rodeo Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City, OK and in 1992 was inducted in the PRCA Hall of Fame. He has also been inducted into the Utah State Sports Hall of Fame in 1997.
At the Pendleton Round-Up, Lewis won several times; Bareback in 1984, 89, and 90; Saddle bronc in 1989, and All Round in 1989 and 1990. He served as pickup man in Pendleton from 2001 through 2004.
Lewis is married to Veronica and they have three children; sons Shadrach and Kaycee, and daughter Maclee. Kaycee is the current 4 time world bareback champ.
Lewis once said “Someday when rodeo people look back at what I’ve done, I’d like them to say these things; that I rode tough, that I could ride with pain and courage, that I was a fierce competitor in the arena, but a quiet, respectable man outside the gate. I just want to be remembered as a cowboy.”

The 2015 Inductee in the Native American Participant category is Cecelia Bearchum.

Cecilia Bearchum

Cecilia Bearchum

2014 Inductees

Robin’s volunteering for Happy Canyon began at the age of 2.  For the next 74 years he took part in Happy Canyon playing many different roles which included street scene characters, stagecoach and bank robber, Lewis & Clark, Sheriff, Wagon Master, “Goldie”, and in the Mounted Quadrille.

Robin was elected to the Happy Canyon Board in 1963 and served as Show Director.  He originated the present souvenir program in 1967 and produced the first 4 editions. He also served a term as President of the Happy Canyon Foundation Board.

Robin volunteered at Round-Up for 60 years from 1953-2013.  He served on the Round-Up Board of Directors from 1979-1986.  He also served on the Hall of Fame board during three different terms and helped with the design, fundraising and construction to complete the new Hall of Fame building.

Clint has produced one of the most consistently high level careers in the history of ProRodeo. He joined the PRCA in 1984, ending the year 2nd in the rookie standings. Since that time he qualified for the Wrangler NFR 18 times. In 1991 he won the World Bareback riding title; and at the age of 40, captured the average title at the 2001 Wrangler NFR. Clint has also proven himself in the Columbia River Circuit, winning the average 8 times, and was the year-end Champion 12 consecutive times. He won the bareback title at the Dodge National Circuit Finals Rodeo three times (1989, 1991 and 1997), making him the only rough stock cowboy in event history to have claimed three titles. He was inducted into Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame in 2004.

Clint has won many go rounds at the Pendleton Round-Up over the years, and many short rounds.  In 1990, he won the Mike Currin Memorial award. In addition, he has been the Big 4 Champion twice, once in 1990 and again in 1992.

Fritz began his involvement with Happy Canyon at the age of 8.  In 1960 Fritz became the doctor in the Doc Killum act, a roll he played for 24 years.  In 1963 he also took over the Dancing Petunia act, a part he held for 21 years.

In 1980, Fritz was elected to the Happy Canyon Board of Directors. From 1984-1989 Fritz served as Show Director. During his tenure he created many new acts including Dr Hall, Pendleton Woolen Mills, Annie Oakley and the Wooden Indian. In 2009, Fritz began serving on the Happy Canyon Foundation Board of Directors, a position he continues to this day.

As a competitor, Gary was a calf roper and team roper, but he always wanted to be a Pickup Man. Mostly self-taught, Gary learned the finer points of picking up when he went to Calgary and worked with Wayne Vold.

Gary has been selected by a vote of the cowboys to work the Canadian Finals a record-setting 16 times.  He achieved his ultimate goal of being voted by the cowboys to pick up at the National Finals Rodeo for the first time in 1998 and has gone back a record 7 times since.

Gary’s first appearance at the Pendleton Round-Up was in 1991, an opportunity that came about through the invitation from Pendleton to the Calgary Stampede to bring their bucking horses to the Round-Up.   Gary accompanied Calgary’s stock at their request and has been a Pickup Man in Pendleton every year since.  He has also served as the bull roper for the Pendleton PBR Classic since its inception. Pendleton remains one of his all-time favorite rodeos.

2013 Inductees:
Mike Beers

Mike was born in The Dalles, Oregon on May 4, 1958,  grew up in Rufus, Oregon and began roping as a small boy.   Mike competed in junior rodeos, was the on B.M.C.C rodeo team. He won the National Intercollegiate Championship in team roping in 1977 and in 1980 he joined the PRCA. Mike attends many rodeos every year but always lists Pendleton at the top of his list of favorites.  He won the All-Around Title in Pendleton in 1985, 1995 and 1997.  With his third title in 1997, he became the first and only Oregonian to retire the coveted Pendleton Round-Up Let’er Buck Bronze Trophy.  In 1995 he was also the co-champion calf roper with Fred Whitfield.  In 2004 he won the Steer Roping.

Betty Branstetter

Betty was born in Pendleton, Oregon and was raised on Paddy Creek.  She started school near by in a small old country schoolhouse.  Later Betty attended school in Albee, Ukiah and Pendleton.  Betty began volunteering in 1950 in Happy Canyon in the old building on third street.  She continues to play a part in the show and has never missed a performance in those 60 plus years. Betty  played an important role when the book “Pendleton Round-Up at 100” was being written by providing historical history on the Fletcher family involvement.

Echo “Magic”

Echo ‘Magic” a 27 year old mare who has seen many years of service to both the Round-Up and Happy Canyon was selected in the Animal Participant inductee.  Animals are an important part of the Pendleton Round-Up and Happy Canyon.  Magic started her career with Happy Canyon and Round-Up in 1991.  She had many roles as well as a cast rider’s horse for the Westward Ho! Parade.  In 2010, her roles were reduced due to her age, to rescue and side saddle.

2012 Inductees:


 They led the move to the encampment at the first Pendleton Round-Up in 1910.  Roy Bishop and Major Lee Moorhouse attended a council of the three tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation, to encourage them to be a key element at the Round-Up.  They agreed this would be a way to show the community and other visitors their culture.  They would bring their racing horses and show many of their traditional dances.  They would also display their war bonnets, dress and horse regalia.

GILBERT MINTHORN, born in 1872, died in 1943 at age 71. A traditional Cayuse Indian of the Willamootkin Band, he taught rodeo stars George Fletcher and Hoot Gibson to ride bronc horses. He managed his own cattle ranch on the reservation until his death.

POKER JIM was born near Wallula around 1843. He was a very influential chief and leader from the Walla Walla tribe. In 1910, he was assured he would be Round-Up chief as long as he lived, and he was. Poker Jim’s friendship with the Bishop family led directly to the traditional Indian dance contests held on Saturday. After his death, his son Clarence Burke served as Round-Up chief for more than five decades.

AMOS POND, born in 1848, died in 1934 at age 86. He was chief of the Umatilla tribe and an elder of the Tutuilla Presbyterian Church.

NO SHIRT, chief of the Walla Walla tribe, was born in 1845. He was one of the first chiefs to bring his people to the Round-Up Grounds. He passed away in 1917 at age 72.


Caroline Motanic born March 26, 1938 was involved with the Round-Up and Happy Canyon for most of her life. She began camping at the Indian Village when she was 6-months old and paraded and danced in the arena as soon as she was old enough. From 1960 to 1964, Motanic Davis was involved in the women’s horse races at the Round-Up.  In 1952, she won the American Indian Beauty Contest at age 14. In 1955, she was named the first Happy Canyon Princess and served again in 1956. She was a three-time winner for best dressed Indian in the Westward Ho! Parade — in 1985, 1997 and 2010. She first took part in Happy Canyon in 1959 when her mother-in-law bestowed her part in the wedding ceremony on her. She was honored with the Happy Canyon Appreciation Award in 2003 for her long years of service.


Frank Leo McCarroll in 1911 while in Jackson Hole, Wyo., he wrestled his first steer, winning a dollar bet. Frank went on to brake the world’s record for bulldogging at Boise, Idaho, in 1913. There he met Mary Ellen “Bonnie” Treadwell, a bronc and trick rider, who he later married. The McCarrolls competed on the rodeo circuit together after their marriage; they were seen competing at Madison Square Garden, Chicago, Fort Worth, British Columbia and Wembley, England. Frank won the Bulldogging Championship at the Pendleton Round-Up in 1916 and 1931. Bonnie was killed at the Round-Up in 1932 while riding a bucking bronc, and after her death, McCarroll became more active in film than rodeo. From the early 1930’s until his death, McCarroll played in over 100 movies as a stuntman, equestrian rider and as a double for many of the movies leading men including John Wayne.


George Richmond was a loyal competitor at the Pendleton Round-Up from 1946 to 2004. He competed in calf roping, steer roping and team roping. He won the Gold Card Steer Roping in 1997 and 1998 at age 77 and 78. At 84, he won fourth in the Gold Card Steer Roping, the last time he roped in Pendleton.  He won the competition on Sunday Glory, the same horse he trained and that Dale Smith won the calf roping title on at Pendleton in the same year.

2011 Inductees:

Kenny repeatedly qualified for the National Finals Rodeo in Bareback and/or Bull Riding from 1962 through 1970.  He was a devoted contestant of the Pendleton Round Up in the 1960’s.  He was the Bareback Champion in 1964, Bull Riding Champion in 1966 and 1970 and was also All Around in 1970 at the Pendleton Round Up.  He won the “Big Four” award in 1966 and the All Around title at Madison Square Gardens in 1969.

Flint worked at the Pendleton Round Up for the first time is 1998 and also worked his first Wrangler National Finals Rodeo that same year.  Flint delighted the crowds in Pendleton with fun and laughter for several years.  Pendleton is the only rodeo where he wrote words to a song. Flint worked his last Round Up and National Finals in 2005 after signing exclusively as the arena entertainer for PBR.

John Spain, at 6’ and 200 pounds, won the 1911 Saddle Bronc in a competition with Jackson Sundown and George Fletcher.  His involvement and contributions to the early Pendleton Round Up mystique have garnered him a very much earned place in the Hall of Fame.

Wes started volunteering for the Happy Canyon Indian Pageant in 1946 with the set-up crew and as morning clean-up crew at 11 years of age.  He participated in the show for 25 years from 1946 to 1971 in various horseback roles and had in almost every act in the show.  As Show Director he re-wrote and updated the Happy Canyon “script” to coordinate with traditional Indian roles and activities.  He was elected President and served for 2 years in 1980 and 1981.   He had been a Pendleton Round Up volunteer for 67 years.

2010 Inductees:


King became a rodeo contestant in 1920 and continued until right before his death in 1952.  He was one of the greatest of all ropers. He traveled by train to his first Pendleton Round Up in 1925.  He attended every Round Up thereafter until 1951.  He won the Steer Roping Championship in 1925 and 1935.  In 1936 he won the Calf Roping Championship.  His family said the Pendleton Round Up was his favorite rodeo.


Roy is regarded as one of the greatest ropers in history.  In three decades, he broke every roping record in the books.  He claimed eight world titles in calf roping, steer roping and All Around categories.  In 1983 Cooper claimed the sport’s “Triple Crown” by winning World Titles in the All Around, Steer Roping and the Calf Roping events. While competing in the Pendleton Round Up, he won the Calf Roping Championship in 1978 and then in 1982 & 1984 he won All Around Championship.


Tom has been an active volunteer at the Happy Canyon Show and the Pendleton Round Up since 1962.  He has worked on the stretcher crew, fence crew, untying crew and for 31 years has worked on the bucking chute crew.  Tom is a valuable volunteer.  With his experience, he knows what to do and does it.  His contribution helps make the Round Up run smoothly.


Mac and his Company saved the Pendleton Round Up in 1940.  On August 15, 1940, during a baseball game in the Round Up Stadium, a huge fire broke out and destroyed the grandstands and valuable equipment stored under them.  Mac pledged his Company would replace the grandstand with no profit to his Company and started immediately without knowing if he would receive any funds for materials and workers.  A crew of 70 men worked night and day for 23 days to build a 3,000 seat concrete grandstand.  The 30th Pendleton Round Up went on as scheduled thanks to the efforts of Mac McCormack and his crew.

2009 Inductees:
Ollie Osborn
Willie Wocatsie
Deb Copenhaver
2008 Inductees:
Christian “Sonny” Frederick Davis
Fred W. Hill
Bonnie Tucker Blankinship
2007 Inductees:
C.M. “Mort” Bishop, Jr.
Phillip Morris Lyne
John S. “Jiggs” Fisk
2006 Inductees:
Louie & Marie DIck
Harry Charters
Slim Pickens
Jack Q. Hodgen
2005 Inductees:
Walk Arnold
William G. “Wilbur” Shaw
Ron J. Hudson
2004 Inductees:
Casey Tibbs
Dr. Richard Koch
Jesse Jones, Jr.
2003 Inductees:
Wallace Smith
Chief Raymond Burke
Pat Gugin
2002 Inductees:
Guy Allen
Frank Tubbs
2001 Inductees:
Ester Motanic
R.W. Fletcher
Bonnie McCarroll
Jack Sweek
2000 Inductees:
Paul Cimmiyotti
Susie Williams
McKinley Williams
Bill McMacken
 1999 Inductees:
Main Street Cowboys
Jim Shoulders
Beryl Grilley
 1998 Inductees:
Harry Vold
Larry Mahan
Bob & Betty Byer
1997 Inductees:
Elgin Stagecoach Team
Dick Truitt
Jim Rosenberg
Lawrence G. Frazier
1996 Inductees:
The Currin Family
Tom Simonton
Dean Oliver
1995 Inductees:
Everett Shaw
Bertha Kapernik Blancett
The Hawkins Brothers
1994 Inductees:
John Dalton
Herman Rosenberg
1993 Inductees:
Leonard King
Floyd “Bus” Howdyshell
1992 Inductees:
William Minthorn
Lester H. Hamley
J.J. Hamley
J. David Hamley
Don McLaughlin
Duff Severe
Bill Severe
1991 Inductees:
Tessie Williams
Gerald Swaggart
1990 Inductees:
Verne Terjeson
Doris Swayze Bounds
1989 Inductees:
Jack Duff
Bob Chambers
1988 Inductees:
Bob Christensen
Mildred Searcy
1987 Inductees:
Ella Lazinka Ganger
Bob Hales
1986 Inductees:
Sid Seale
Pat Folsom
1985 Inductees:
Everett Bowman
Bob Fletcher
1984 Inductees:
Clark McIntire
Art Motanic
1983 Inductees:
Karl Doering
George Doak
Dan Bell
1982 Inductees:
Roy Bishop
Clarence Bishop
Chauncey Bishop
1981 Inductees:
Ike Rude
Harley Tucker
1980 Inductees:
Monte Montana
1979 Inductees:
Finis Kirkpatrick
1978 Inductees:
Monk Carden
George Moens
1977 Inductees:
Marion Hansell
Lew W. Minor
Eliza Bill
1976 Inductees:
Dr. Joseph Brennan
Berkley Davis
1975 Inductees:
Miss Klamath*
Shoat Webster
Elsie Fitzmaurice Dickson
1974 Inductees:
Blue Blazes*
Bob Crosby
Bill Switzler
1973 Inductees:
Bill McAdoo*
Tim Bernard
Melissa Parr
John Hales
1972 Inductees:
Sam Jackson*
Jackson Sundown
E.N. “Pink” Boylen
1971 Inductees:
Badger Mountain*
Phillip Bill
Pete Knight
Mabel Strickland
Lawrence Lieuallen
Hugo Strickland
Allen Drumheller
1970 Inductees:
5 Minutes to Midnight*
Roosevelt Trophy
Raye LeGrow
Carl Arnold
1969 Inductees:
Phillip Rollins*
No Name*
Long Tom*
War Paint*
Yakima Canutt
Til Taylor
Roy Raley
Lee Caldwell
Herb Thompson
Henry COllins
George Strand
George Fletcher
Gene Rambo
Clarence Burke

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